Monday, July 17, 2017

Anthony Patch | Cognitive A.I., CERN, 5G Wi-Fi, Quantum Computing, & Tesla

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On this Veritas installment, we discuss artificial intelligence, CERN, 5G Wi-Fi, quantum computing, Tesla numbers 3, 6 and 9, the day after Disclosure, is Earth being terraformed to make way for a new species, and so much more.   

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Anthony Patch: author, researcher and writer. A Christian witness for Jesus Christ Our Savior since the age of 16 (now 62). Following a career as a Paramedic out of Oakland, CA, he embarked upon over twenty years of research covering diverse areas including ancient history, archaeology, biology, medicine, meteorology, philosophy, quantum physics and religion. Anthony attended U.C. Berkeley on a full scholarship in swimming, having attained Olympic Class performances. Following college, he joined the U.S. Army, serving in Germany as a Military Policeman within the nuclear surety sector as a Accident Investigator, and Field Medic. Returning to civilian life, he embarked upon a career as a Paramedic in Oakland, CA. During his last several years prior to retirement, he performed as a Paramedic Educator, a subject matter expert within 23 fields of study. For which, he received 2 awards: "Outstanding Service & Dedication", and "Professional Achievement Award" from his employer; American Medical Response. While attending his training in Emergency Medicine, Anthony on two occasions, single-handedly and unarmed, apprehended individual bank robbers in San Francisco, each exactly one year apart. For his efforts, then-Mayor (now Senator) Dianne Feinstein awarded Anthony the City's "Nick of Time" award. Whereupon, Mayor Feinstein swore Anthony on to the Veteran's Affairs Council, representing post-Vietnam era veterans in San Francisco.

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